Landscape Design Fees

A Concept Design Plan with Mood Board ideas.

Landscape & Garden Design Fees

Landscape design fees will vary, as all sites and clients have different needs, which may involve varying amounts of design involvement, for a full garden design.

Fees for Landscape  Design, which may start at around £695 for smaller spaces and front gardens. For rear gardens fees start at £1200 for average sized garden plots, this includes Stage 1 Design, up to final Master Plan. Stage 2 Design Fees are then estimated for the detailed design elements as required.

Fees for larger landscapes fees will be based a percentage of the estimated project construction costs, which may be calculated at 8 percent, depending on the complexity of the project.

Planting Design fees for a border start at £360, for a maximum length of approximately 10 metres.




An initial meeting Consultation Fee of £40.00 which is deducted, if you should wish to proceed with a garden design project.

Design Fees start at £750 for a small front garden including a Planting Plan, Mood Board ideas, Hardlandscaping Design and Construction Details or for example a Planting Design for an average sized garden.

Stage 1 Design Fees Standard sized garden £1,200. This will include all design work to Outline Plan stage, for a rear garden or similar space. This may include a Survey, though for a large or complex site, having a professional Survey drawn-up is recommended.

All the meetings are included, from a first introductory meeting, to Project Brief Meeting, then Concept Design and the Detailed Outline Design Presentation.

At the Brief we will meet for approx 1 hour to 1.5 hours, discussing the Clients’ budget, garden ideas and uses of the new garden, features, planting and the site characteristics. A report is written and sent to our Client. A Garden Survey will be commissioned or taken.

We meet up to discuss the Concept Design, with Mood Board, showing circulation through the garden, designated areas, finishes and features required, plus planting design ideas. So this helps to finalise our ideas.

New Garden Garden Design - Plan
A typical Outline Plan.

Then we move on to a Final Master plan or Outline Plan, from which the garden can be built, together with a finalised Mood Board and Planting. This may include sketchesor elevations of the garden.

Stage 1 is completed and we move onto Stage 2 Design, which involves more detailed design, as required. For example a Setting-Out Plan for Hardlandscaping, Construction Details e.g. for a Pergola and Pavin and a Planting Plan.

Tendering for the build, which includes drawing -up contracts for the detailed specifications and pricing of the project. We will meet-up with Conractors on site and discuss the project in detail. When the Contractor is chosen by Client, then monitoring the project on site to assist in producing a seemless building process.

Planting Plans will be scheduled for costing and then procurement. Setting- Out plants carefully on site,before planting them.

A Setting-Out & Planting Plan.

We can also help with Furniture, Accessories, Garden Art, Sculpture and Container specification and procurement.

Stage 2 Fees as each project is different, so they will vary and be priced hourly or daily, as required.