Winter Colour – A flowering Strelitzier reginae

Winter Colour A Flowering Strelitzier reginae


Before studying  Garden Design, developing a hobby, I studied for a City & Guilds Gardening Diploma,  including a Propagation course.  Trying amongst other things, growing some exotics including  for winter colour a Flowering Strelitzier reginae. So we now have bright seasonal planting colour for the home through the grey wintery days, with a flowering Strelitzier. Initially it grew quite easily, started from seed in sand, placed in an airing cupboard and then potted-on. It never flowered in a sunny west facing window, but having moved it seems to like it’s new home in the hotter south facing bay, more similar to it’s natural habitat  on the East Coast of South Africa.

The leaves if picked will dry in interesting curving shapes, quite very useful for the minimal, sculptual Japanese Ikebana flower arranging, as can the flowers, though it seems a shame to pick them as they last for months!


Container Design – Indoor Containers

Exotic plants such as Strelizier reginae, or ‘Bird of Paradise’, can be grown indoors from a seed. It’s best to position the pot in a warm & sunny place. It can be moved outside in the hottest summer months and provide much needed colour indoors winter time.

The leaves when cut and dried shrivel into curving interesting shapes, which can be used in Japanese Ikebana style flower arrangements.

Strelitzia or ‘Bird of Paradise’

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