Autumnal Seasonal Planting Combinations

Autmn Seasonal Planting Combinations

Parthenocissus q. trailing over Choisya t. ‘Sundance’

Autumn colour – Rosa Tess d’Urbervilles backed by climber Parthocissus querquefo

Sedum spectabile

In October the last of the roses are in bloom and in my garden, Rosa Tess d’Urbervilles, from David Austin Roses, is backed by the now crimson leaves of climber Parthenocissus quinquefolia. While¬† in the foreground I have my autumn favourite Sedum spectabile with pale green foliage and flower heads which change from bright pink to a deep red, together making a really rich vibrant seasonal planting combination. Further down the wall the Parthenocissus also trails over Choisya ternata ‘Sun Dance’ with a contrasting splash of colour. Also for bright autumn colour plant shrub Cotinus coggygria with beautiful foliage. Also Cornus kousa, which has glossy foliage which turns red to purple. Cornus alba has distinctive young shoots which are coloured red in autumn and winter. Other shrubs which give good displays of red autumn foliage colour include Berberis ‘Rubrostilla’ , Vaccinium a. laevifolium and Euonymus alatus.

Autumn Fruits & Berries in Seasonal Planting Combinations

Trees and shrubs with bright colourful fruits and berries add interest to gardens during autumn and winter.¬† Yellow berries of Sorbus ‘Joseph Rock’, mix well with blooms of helenium and golden or bronze perennial grasses for a bright seasonal planting combination. The red berries of Hollies and Pyracantha provide winter cheer, Callicarpa bodinieri var. giraldii have unusual attractive violet berries, providing interesting seasonal planting combinations with Phormiums. Also shrub Cotoneaster simonsii has long lasting decorative scarlet red berries in autumn, which contrast with it’s dark green foliage and planted with Berberis thunbergii ‘Atropurpurea Nana’ make a good seasonal planting combination.